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Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Oxford from PRO Teck

Choose our carpet cleaning Oxford for your most delicate rugs and carpets. Protect cotton, silk and even linen floor coverings from any risk of shrinkage or water damage. Know that your cleaning will be undertaken by trained professionals equipped with modern tools which will allow them to work quickly and efficiently, leading to affordable, high-quality service.
Choose Oxford Carpet Cleaning to enjoy:

  • 24/7 support for our customers
  • Free quote for the work before we start
  • Assessment of the carpet’s fabric
  • No drying time needed
  • Cleaning for a time and day that suits you


How the Cleaning Process Works

Carpet cleaning in Oxford. The very first step is to ensure that the correct cleaning technique is used. If you’re uncertain of the type of fabric your carpet is made from one of our consultants will test and assess it. When there is heavy staining on a carpet that will withstand a water-based clean, it may be that steam cleaning is a more suitable method.

Don’t worry about this – we’ll advise you. It’s all part of the service you get when you select us. When cleaning is used, the carpet or rug is first vacuumed to lift surface dirt, then a suitable dry cleaning powder is worked into the fibres. Dirt adheres to this powder and is lifted when the floor covering is vacuumed for the second time.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

One of the major advantages of our carpet cleaning in Oxford is that with no water involved in the process, your carpets will be ready to walk on by the time the cleaners leave your home. This process will refresh and deodorise carpets and lift the dirt and grime which, if allowed to remain in the pile of the floor covering can lead to long-term damage. Check our reviews page to see what past customers have to say about this service and the professionalism of the technicians who deliver it.

If you own expensive rugs or have just invested in new carpets for your home, you will want them to be properly cleaned and maintained by professional company. We are proud to offer you our Carpet Cleaning services in Oxford, specially designed for such cases. Our highly-qualified experts teams are capable of taking great care of fine and valuable rugs and carpets. Our team operates with state of the art equipment and proven methods, delivering an outstanding results at breathtakingly low prices. Our carpet cleaning services remove all stains, dirt, and allergens while using low moisture and newly developed chemical technologies. The use of specialized machines allows for protecting your carpets and rugs good looks and minimizing the risk of damage and discoloration.

Carpet Cleaning OxfordCarpet Cleaning Services in Oxford

Our polite Oxford professionals are experienced in working with the latest technology and applying the best-practices in the business. We are able to deliver timely and quality dry carpet cleaning services in Oxford at affordable prices. Our excellent reputation for reliable services will keep you calm that your valuable possessions are in safe hands. We will do our best to fulfill all your expectations. You can review our testimonials page and see what our customers have to share about us.

Book Your Oxford Carpet Cleaners

Give us a call, 24/7 on 07707 271771 and book your carpet cleaning. Our knowledgeable office staff is waiting for your inquiry right now, and they’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have or arrange your free, no-obligation quotation. Use this number to make an instant booking for any carpet or rug cleaning service.

When you’d prefer us to contact you, just leave your details on our contact form and state your preferred callback time. Finally, remember that you don’t even need a phone to contact us. Type directly into the chat box which you’ll find on every page of this site and you’ll get a very prompt reply.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long will it take to do the job?
A. Normally, it will take about 2 hours but will depend entirely on the size of your house.

Q. How long does it take to dry?
A. It usually takes from 4 to 24 hours to dry depending on the thickness of your carpet, its condition as well how well ventilated the room is. While you should avoid significant foot traffic on the carpet until its completely dry, you’ll be able to walk on it as soon as we’re finished. Be careful though when going from damp carpet onto a hard surface – it can be very slippery!

Q. What kind of chemicals do you use?
A. Our cleaning products are top rated and consistent with manufacturers recommendations as well as industry standards. Our products are environmentally friendly as well as OSHA and EPA compliant.

Q. What furniture do you need to move?
A. We will move your sofas, tables and chairs and your light furniture but not very heavy furniture such as dressers, china cabinets, beds, or pianos. All we ask is that you remove breakable items and memorabilia such as picture frames from the furniture you want to be moved.

Q. Will the price change?
A. We do not employ “bait and switch” tactics. When you call for an estimate we ask a series of questions that will help determine if there are cleaning requirements that might involve extra charges. If their carpets are very heavily soiled, stained or damaged there may be additional charges, but any additional charges after the initial estimate would require your approval prior to us starting work. Either way, it’s totally up to you.

Q. Do fabric protectors really work?
A. Fabric protectors won’t prevent your carpet from eventually getting dirty but are designed to protect your carpet from permanent stains and can extend the life of the fabric. Fabric protection works very well if applied properly.

Q. How do you treat pet stains and odor?
A. Dog and cat urine contains alkaline salt crystals which will absorb moisture out of the air over time. Because of that, pet urine never really dries – it remains sticky forever and eventually becomes a bacterial feeding ground that causes odor, staining, nd discoloration. Mild problems can be handled with a combination of enzyme surface treatments and germicide as well as enzyme injections into the padding. Severe problems will require treatment of the carpet but also typically require pad replacement and floor (slab) treatment as well.

If you have any other questions about your carpet or if you’d like a free estimate call us now

Berber Carpet Cleaning Oxford

Berber carpet has become a popular choice for many homeowners. The name originally comes from the name of an African tribe who made a textured wool floor covering. The name today describes just about any carpet with a looped or speckled fiber construction. This article will give you some basic information on this type of carpet and will give you the pros and cons of putting it into your home.

Types of Berber Carpet

Berber can come in a variety of different styles and colors. Originally it was a wool carpet but today it can be made from anything from Olefin to Nylon. It can have a level loop over the entire carpet or it can have loops of various height forming intricate patterns. Some Berber’s will also have a combination of cut ends and loops or you can have what is sometimes called a California Berber which is made with entirely cut ends.

Pros of Berber

Berber carpet has several advantages over traditional pile carpets. The loop tends to make it very durable so that it can stand up to traffic and not show wear as quickly as other types of carpeting. Some people also like the fact that unlike pile carpet, it doesn’t show foot prints or vacuum tracks. This can give a room a clean finished look. Lastly, if you choose a speckled pattern  you get a carpet that can hide soil.

Cons of Berber

From a carpet cleaning standpoint, Berber can be a difficult type of rug. The tight loops can make it hard to vacuum because soil tends to get trapped in the loops. It is also tough to clean because of the loops and the often irregular surface. Steam cleaning wands tend to skip over the surface and on tightly woven Berbers, it can be hard to get between the loops. Some carpet cleaners even charge more to clean Berber. Because they have a continuous pile, they also have problems with snagging. If you snag a carpet fiber, you can pull out the fiber clear across the room.

Should I Buy Berber?

The decision whether to buy Berber carpet or not ultimately comes down to taste. Some people love it and some people hate it. It makes a great carpet for a formal living area, but may not be the best choice for a family room that is subject to spills and will require frequent cleanings. If you have pets, you might want to second guess buying it or you will at least have to trim their nails often to prevent snags.

Portable Carpet Cleaning Oxford

Truckmounted carpet cleaning Oxford is of course the best way to have your home or office carpet cleaned. Not everyone can use the system however so the second best system would be affordable carpet cleaning system. If you need to have your carpet cleaned and a truckmounted cannot reach your carpet, here’s what you should look for in a company that uses portable carpet cleaning systems.

Just because you can’t use a truckmounted does not mean the cannot get an acceptable corporate job done. You will, however, have to live with if you side effects of using a portable system. Those side effects are that it will take longer to clean and it will take longer to dry as well. Knowing that, let’s continue.

The ideal portable for hot water extraction will have sufficient vacuum and pressure. The system will be balanced so that’s it has enough vacuum power to extract the water that is being injected into the carpet. For this reason, the ideal portable system should have a pump capable of producing about 300 pounds per square inch. To fully extract this water the system should have at a minimum duel two-stage vacuums. Ideally it will have duel three stage vacuums. As far as he goes, the system should either utilize a propane powered water heating system or should simply use the hottest available tap water available. Electric heating systems on portables are not effective and cannot keep up with the water flow requirements.

If a company is proud of the system they use, they will have no problem explaining it to you in detail. So, do not be afraid to ask about the type of portable system being used by a company. If they blow off your questions or are reluctant to go into details, pass and move on to another company. After all, there is no shortage of carpet cleaners in this country.

Carpet Crease Removal

Over time, wrinkles or creases can appear in your carpet. These occur because of normal traffic that causes the carpet to actually stretch out and the backing to actually become larger. The results is what appears like a wrinkle or a crease in the carpet. Allowing these creases or wrinkles to remain will contribute to shortening the life of your carpet. Here is how you can remove them or have them removed.

Because the carpet had actually stretched out, some of it will have to be removed. To do this, the carpet is detached from the tack strip that holds it onto the floor. Then, a suitable amount of the carpet is cut off using a razor knife. Finally, the carpet is laid back down and re-stretched onto the tack strip. The result is a carpet that is stretched completely out and is free of wrinkles or creases.

If you think that the above procedure sounds difficult, you are right. It does take some experience and skill to get the carpet back down correctly and looking proper. In addition to that, you must also have some specialized tools such as a carpet stretcher, carpet knee kicker and a seaming iron. Because of this, it is recommended that you do not try to stretch your carpet by yourself. Unless you have experience in these types of repairs, it is beyond the scope of the do-it-yourselfer.

Locating a carpet repair service luckily is not very difficult. In fact, most carpet cleaners offer carpet repair and stretching services. So, just call up your favorite local carpet cleaner and find out if they offer carpet stretching. They probably do and can perform this work for a nominal charge.

Carpet Cleaning With Bleach

Bleach is a fantastic cleaner that can be used on a number of different surfaces to clean and disinfect. Carpet, however, is not one of those surfaces. The reason for this is simple, it bleaches your carpet. Here is why.

Most carpet is dyed after it is made. This means that the color does not run all the way through the fiber. Instead it comes clear and is then etched to accept a dye. Bleach will remove this dye. So, if you use bleach on one of these carpets you will end up with a bleach spot and will have to have it professionally repaired.

There is one exception to this rule on bleach and that is Olefin carpet. Olefin is solution died which means that the color runs all the way through the fiber. This means that it can not be bleached. Still, I do not like the idea of using bleach on a carpet and feel that you should only use products designed for a carpet.

Beware of the Bait & Switch

The vast majority of companies in the carpet cleaning industry are honest and hard working. There are, however, many unscrupulous companies who’s main goal is to steal every penny that they can from you. They use trickery and deceit to quite honestly scam you out of money. Don’t be scared though because these companies are quite easy to spot if you know what to look for. Here are some warning signs that you might be dealing with a bait and switch company.Sign #1: They offer a super low per room price.
The bait and switch company almost always offers a very low per room or entire house price. It is usually in the range of $10 or less per room or a whole house for less than $100. No legitimate company can clean for this price and stay in business. In order to make money, they must up-sell you tremendously. You might say to yourself that you will not be up-sold. Well, if you do not buy  any extras, they are not making any money. They will either refuse to do the job or do a horrible and rushed cleaning.

Sign #2: They have optional charges in fine print.
If there are charges in fine print that some carpets may require, your carpet will be one of those carpets. Common charges include those for heavy soiling, optical brighteners, dual process cleaning, etc. They can sometimes get creative with the names.A carpet cleaning should include what is needed to get it clean and there should never be extra charges for getting a carpet even cleaner. Clean is clean.

Sign #3: They answer the phone “carpet cleaning”.
These bait and switch companies change their names so many times that even they can’t remember what they are currently operating under. They will usually just answer the phone with the generic “carpet cleaning” so that they do not get in trouble. Their cleaning van will likewise just have a generic “carpet cleaning” letter job.

These are the three most common ways to spot a bait and switch company. The truly sneaky ones might still somehow slip through on occasion though. If you do find yourself face to face with one of these companies, do not be afraid to ask them to leave your home. And, if they have not done any work, you do not owe them a penny. If they try to collect, a threat to call the police will usually send them running out the door.

Shag Rug Carpet Cleaning Oxford

Shag carpet has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It is no longer just a memory from the 1970s. Shag carpet is back in a big way and with it comes cleaning challenges. It is still cleanable and can be a long-lasting carpet if you take care of it properly. Here are some tips for cleaning a shag rug or wall-to-wall carpet.If you have wall-to-wall carpet, the best way to clean it is with truck mounted steam cleaning. The benefits of this process is that it has the power to reach deep into the fibers to remove as much soil is possible. It also has the power to remove as much moisture as possible to get the rug dryer sooner. The only warning is to not use a vacuum with a beater bar because the long shag fibers could be easily be abraded and can get caught in the bar. Instead use a vacuum with just a nozzle and no agitation bar.

If you have a shag rug, the best way to clean it is off-site. Many carpet cleaners will pick up a rug and take it to the shop to clean. There they can clean it under controlled conditions. If this is not possible and you need to have the rug cleaning her home, use the same method and warnings for playing wall-to-wall shag carpet.

Avoid the use of dry cleaning methods, unless specified by the rug manufacturer. Dry cleaning methods can abrade the fibers of a deep pile rug and some can leave a substantial amount of residue behind.

Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

Oriental rugs are capable of adding beauty to any room. You have to admire the craftsmanship that goes into the making of these textile works of art. When it comes time to have these rugs repaired, you need to find a repair service that is just as skilled as the original rug makers. To do this, you need to carefully choose the company you hire.

To find the best company for this type of work, the best method is to look for a referral. This is detail oriented work and you do not want to go to just anyone. Ask your friends who might have oriental rugs if they have used anyone. Call the store where you bought the rug or another fine rug dealer in your city and ask if they can recommend a repair company. As a last resort, look to the internet to look for reviews. Find a few company names and do a search for them on the internet. Add keywords such as “reviews”or “complaints”and see what comes up.

Common Types Of Rug Repairs

Fringe Repairs: Perhaps one of the most common repairs needed on oriental rugs. Fringe is often damaged from heavy traffic, pets or vacuuming. Fringe will either be restored by inserting individual pieces into the existing fringe or by sewing on a pre-woven fringe section to the end of the rug.

Hole Repairs: Occasionally, you will get a hole in an oriental rug. This might be from aggressive use, pet damage or a number of other causes. To repair this, there are two main choices. The best choice, but the most difficult is to re-weave the rug with similar yarns. This is very labor intensive but will yield the best results. Another option is to patch the rug with a similar oriental rug. This is a cheaper approach but the patch will not exactly match the rug.

Edge Repairs: Edger repairs are needed when the edge or side of the rug begins to unravel. To repair an edge that has begun to unravel, the edge will either be sewn by hand or will be machine sewn. Hand sewing is more expensive but will produce the best result.

Misc. Repairs: Besides the above listed repairs, there are literally dozens of other repairs that could be needed. You might need a tear repaired, dye repairs, dye removal or you even might need a rug to be cut down to a different size. All of these repairs are within the scope of the competent rug repair service.

Steam Cleaning Carpet Oxford

If you are looking to have your carpet in your home or office cleaned, you need to hire a carpet steam cleaner. There are several reasons for this. Here are just a few of the major ones, although there are many more.

It cleans better.  This is the number one reason to use a steam cleaner. You just can not beat 200 plus degree heat to get your carpet cleaned. Hot water makes chemicals more effective and can literally melt away greasy and oily stains. Couple this with the powerful rinsing action of steam and hot water extraction systems and you get a powerful cleaning method.

It is recommended by mills.     Steam carpet cleaning is recommended by most mills. This means that in some cases, using a method other than steam cleaning can actually void your carpets warranty. Check with your carpet manufacturer to see if steam cleaning is recommended or required.

It is safer.    Many of the dry cleaning methods on the market depend on solvents and petrochemicals. When you use these chemicals and have no real rinsing step, you can have a health issue. This is particularly true with those who are chemically sensitive.