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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Why it is better to hire professional Commercial / Retail Carpet cleaning services

Whether you have a store or running a business the most important thing, you have to consider provide the customized interior of your office. Most people consider having carpets in the office because it is elegant and easier to clean. However, we all know that your janitor will never clean the carpet like it should be cleaned. It will get hard for you to keep the interior clean. In this situation hiring Euro Carpet Cleaners Bristol will be your best choice. Here we have some of the reasons why you should call PRTO TECK Carpet cleaning Swindon.

Professional cleaning services

The biggest advantage of hiring Carpet cleaning Bristol is that you will get professional services. The experts are trained to provide the best services and assure that not even a single dust particle or stain will be left on the surface of the carpet. Another benefit of having Carpet Cleaning service Bristol in that the experts will work when no one is in the office to assure that you will not have to deal with any issue. They work quickly which means that your time will not be wasted.

Make your commercial space germ free

One of the most important things that you have to consider doing is keeping your office germ free. If your employees will get sick it will be hard for you to manage can select and services. We all know that germs easily accumulate in the provide customized might lead to various types of health issues. However, Carpet cleaners Swindon will assure to clean the carpet with such perfection that not even a single germ will be left in the carpet. They use special antiseptic cleaners that make it easier to assure that your office is germ-free.

Experts have the latest tools and technologies

Carpet Cleaning service Bristol agencies are equipped with the latest tools and technologies. They have some of the interesting tools that make it easier for them to reach into some of the smallest corners to assure that the entire surface will be clean. All the dust will be removed from the carpets to assure that there will be no patches of different colors. Your carpet will look as good as new once they are done with the cleaning services.

Best services available at an affordable rate

Most individuals share the misconception that Euro Carpet Cleaning service Swindon is expensive that is why they never hire the experts. You should know that when you will hire Carpet cleaners Swindon, Wiltshire you will get the best services at the most affordable rate. There are different packages available which mean you can select the one you are most comfortable with. As well as experts provide customized services to assure that you will not have to pay for the services that you do not need.

We are the best Carpet cleaning service providers in the industry. They have been working for many years and know how to provide reliable services. Their commercial Carpet Cleaning service in BS1 is the best. You can get your quotes by contacting the experts.

Office Carpet Cleaning Swindon and Bristol

Do you always have the time to keep your business space perfectly clean? If not, what you need is our professional help. Your own employees can be counted on to wipe their feet, but occasionally some of your customers might not be so thoughtful. Constant heavy traffic means that office and other commercial carpets show their age quickly, and detract from the professional image you want to convey.
Call us for fast, effective and affordable office carpet cleaning in Swindon and Bristol to maintain your floor coverings in great condition. Book our services and you can take advantage of:

  • Corporate pricing
  • No minimum number of bookings required
  • Invoices
  • Flexible booking options

Book now and we will make your business look good in the eyes of the customer. Call us on 07707 271771 and get your free estimate! Our attentive staff is ready to answer all your questions and assist you with the booking.

Office Carpet Cleaning Without Disruption

We’ll come to you at a time that suits you – this might be early in the morning, after office hours or even on weekends. We understand that you want your customers to see clean carpets, not carpet cleaners! We work with a range of modern detergents, including some that are specially selected to be effective in areas of heavy footfall, such as entranceways or tight passages between desks.
As a commercial customer, you’ll benefit not just from our out of hours services but also from the range of modern cleaning techniques we employ. Whether your carpets are treated with steam cleaning or with dry carpet cleaning you can expect short drying times that enable you to get on with your business.

Services We Offer

Euro Carpet Cleaning offers a wide range of services specially tailored for commercial clients. We specialize in carpet and rug cleaning but we can also polish your hard flooring and clean your glass doors and windows. We know the first impression is vital and that is why we will take care of every little detail so that your customers will be impressed.
The teams we assign can clean your office furniture and remove all the dust from your curtains and blinds. Thorough cleaning will ensure better air quality and make your business space more comfortable. By booking our services you will get an expert service performed by reliable cleaning technicians. Look at our prices and current deals and ask our customer support staff for a free estimate.

Our Service

We wouldn’t be in the Commercial Carpet Cleaning business for long if our commercial customers didn’t receive outstanding results time after time together with great customer service. We understand that business needs reliable service people that can make their presentation shine. I’m so obsessed with giving you the best possible experience ever that if you don’t feel our commercial carpet cleaning is the most thorough you’ve ever had, or if your not as happy with it ( for any reason ) even up to two weeks later as you were on the day it was done.. I will gladly re-clean the areas of concern to your satisfaction FREE. That’s OUR personal Guarantee to you.

Our commercial specialties include Offices, Clubs, Hotels, Schools & Hospitals. We are fully insured and certified with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) and are well equipped to handle volume work. Large floor plans are no problem and there is no surcharge for evening or weekend work. We can arrange a one off clean or introduce a regular maintenance program that could greatly reduce your investment from our already competitive prices.

Carpets Drying time after cleaning

We aim to provide as little disruption to your business as possible. Depending on the cleaning method drying time can be as little as 30mins.

Book Your Corporate Carpet Cleaning Swindon

Call us right away on 07707 271771 and book the service you are interested in. You can also fill in our contact form or ask a question via our online chat platform. Either way, our attentive customer care team will help you get a free quote, make an instant booking or meet one of our consultants. The look of your business is crucial – let us help you maintain a great image!


Reoccurring Spots or Carpet Stains

Reoccurring or recurring spots on carpet can be a frustrating problem. You clean up a spot only to have it reappear in just a few days. It can be enough to make you give up. Stop spinning your wheels accomplishing  nothing. Learn how to deal with these spots so that they no longer come back. Below you will find some of the most common causes of reoccurring spots and how to deal with them.

Cause # 1: Residue

This is the most common cause of a returning spot on a carpet. You will clean a spot and in a few days it will come back. This is caused by the residue left behind by the spot cleaner that you have used. It attracts soil and holds it like a magnet so every time you step on where the spot was, a little soil will stick to it. Eventually, the spot will come back.

To deal with this problem, you want to use a spot cleaner that leaves a minimum of residue. Choose cleaners that have little to no soap. Also, you can follow up your use of a general spotter with the use of an acid spotter. Mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and mist it on the spot. Blot up the solution and repeat. The acid spotter will help to neutralize your soapy general spotter.

Cause # 2: Heavy Use

Sometimes the problem is not that the same spot is coming back but that similar spots are reoccurring within a short time. This is probably because of high use in the area.

To remedy this situation, you have a few choices. You can cover the area with a rug so that something other than your carpet is affected or you can change how the room is used. If a certain area is getting overused, you can rearrange the furniture to change how the room is used. This will prevent spots from reappearing in the same spot and it will also spread out the wear so that your carpet will last longer.

Cause #3: Pets Returning To The Area

With pet stains, the problem might not be that the spot is returning but that the pet is returning. If an animal is not well trained, they will often return to the same spot over and over again. It might look like the same stain because they are marking the exact same spot.

To fix this situation, you should first and foremost look into pet training. A well trained pet is a happier and more home friendly pet. Besides training, you also have to remove the odor from the spot. This will keep the pet from smelling its way back to the area. Use an enzyme treatment to digest the organic material that is causing the odor. You might also consider using a professional carpet cleaner to remedy the problem.

Cause #4: Wicking

Wicking can occur when a spot is cleaned with too much moisture. The excessive moisture forces the spot down into the backing of the carpet or the carpet pad. When the area dries, it wicks back up to the surface.

To solve this cause of returning spots, you should re-clean the area but use less moisture. Spot clean by applying the spotter to a towel and then the carpet to prevent yourself from using too much moisture. After spot cleaning, use a fan to speed the drying of the carpet. The quicker it dries, the less likely anything will wick back.

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Here you will find tips on extending the life of your carpet. Carpeting is expensive so make it last by following a few simple carpet tips.

Vacuuming Your Carpets

Frequent vacuuming is probably the single most important thing you can do to lengthen the life of your carpet. Dirt is an abrasive which acts like sandpaper wearing your carpet. You should vacuum your carpet a minimum of once a week. Two to Three times would be the best. Not only should you vacuum often, you also need to vacuum properly. The common zigzag pattern most people use is not very effective. Your vacuum is pulling out the most dirt on the backwards stroke. To vacuum correctly pull the vacuum back slowly in a straight line and then move it to the next section and again pull it back slowly in a straight line. You want to make sure that all of your carpet is gone over with a backwards stroke.

Rearrange Furniture

If your furniture is in the same position for the entire life of the carpet, people walk and stand in the same areas all of the time. This means that sections of the carpet will wear out quicker than others. Rotate your furniture so that people will be forced to walk on different sections of the carpet. This spreads the wear around, increasing your carpets life.

Entry Rugs

You should place an entry rug or mat at every doorway. This gives people a place to wipe their feet before they step onto your carpet. Even if they don’t wipe their feet, they will deposit some dirt on the mats by simply walking over them. This is dirt that otherwise would end up on your carpet.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can protect areas of your carpet that get the worst wear, for example in front of your couch. If you do put an area rug over carpet however, make sure that you pull it up from time to time to vacuum underneath it and when you have the carpets cleaned. Otherwise if you ever decide to remove the rug you may end up with an outline around it.

Frequent Carpet Cleaning

You should have your carpet cleaned at least every 12 months. If you have pets or children you may need to clean the carpet more often, maybe 2 to 3 times a year. Remember that when carpet begins to look soiled, it is actually very dirty. It is designed to hide soil and can carry its weight in dirt.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

 Sometimes emergencies happen and you need to get a carpet cleaner in to clean your carpet immediately. This could be because you have an event that came out of nowhere or it could be because something spilled on the carpet that, if left for later, will cause permanent damage. In any case, you need carpet cleaning and you need it now. How do you find an emergency carpet cleaner.

Hopefully, you have a relationship with a carpet cleaning company in your area. If you do, they might be able to get to you immediately and they might make extra effort to help you because you are an existing customer that they want to keep. If you do not already have a cleaner, you will have to get on the phone. If your emergency happened during daytime hours you will just have to call around until you find a company that has an opening. If your emergency happened at night, you might have a harder time finding a cleaner. Your best bet might be to find a carpet cleaning service that also does emergency water and fire restoration. They probably have a crew standing by and might, for a price, be wiling to come out for a late night carpet cleaning.

Once you have found somebody, what should you do now. Well, if the problem is a spill, you should blot up or scrape up as much of the material as possible with a clean cloth. Avoid the urge to use spot cleaners if you do not think that you can get it out. The more that a spot is treated, the harder it will be to remove. After blotting up as much of the stain as possible, get a towel and soak it in water. Wring it out so that it is just damp and place it onto the spot. This will keep the post from drying and setting into a stain.

Carpet Cleaners Open on Weekend

During the week, we are becoming increasingly busy. We have commitments at work, with our children and with our spouses. It can be hard to find time for carpet cleaning during the week. This is true even for the stay at home mom who is often too busy managing children to deal with a carpet cleaner. For these reasons, you need a carpet cleaner that will be open on Saturdays.

Weekend Carpet Cleaning Most carpet cleaning companies with employees are open on Saturday. Large companies are typically looking to maximize their revenue so they are open as much as possible. So, if you are good with a large company, you can probably secure a Saturday appointment rather easily. If you want an owner operator though, you might not be so lucky. Most successful owner/operators will take off all weekend. After many years of hard work building a company, they typically want to have a normal work week which means, weekends off.  As you know, owner operated companies are usually the best so if you want to use one of these companies what are you to do?

Alternatives to Saturday Appointments As an alternative to a Saturday appointment, you could hire a trusted owner/operator and simply leave a key for a week day appointment. This approach works well if you have a company that you know or have a referral for because they must be trusted. The advantage is that you will not even have to be home for the cleaning. You can leave for work in the morning and come home to clean and dry carpet. It is the ultimate in low hassle cleaning.
Another option is to call the owner/operator that you would like to use and ask them to make an exception on working on Saturday. Many will do si if asked nicely. To ensure their compliance you should agree to do a good amount of work. Do not expect a cleaner to change their hours for you to clean a couple rooms. Clean your entire house or offer to pay a trip charge.

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Benefits

When you need to have your home or office carpet cleaned you have many choices when it comes to carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning methods. Your best choice however this truck mounted steam cleaning. It is the method that is recommended by most carpet Mills and will do the best job to get your carpet cleaned thoroughly and safely. Here are just a few of the benefits of truck mounted steam cleaning.

Higher Pressure

Truck mounted steam cleaners are capable of pressures of up to 1500 pounds per square inch. Some machines can even operate at 3000 pounds per square inch. Both of these pressures are excessive for carpet cleaning but a truck mounted system will generally be operated at around 400 to 500 psi. This is still much higher than a portable cleaning system can operate up. This extra pressure allows for expectation which means greater soil removal.

Higher Temperature

Truck mounted machines are also capable of much higher cleaning temperatures. These machines can provide water hotter than 200°. This is important because the higher temperatures will make the cleaning agents more active. This allows for more effective chemical use and allows cleaners to use less chemical in general. The result is a carpet that is cleaner with less residue. A side benefit of the higher temperature is that’s it increases evaporation which means your carpet will dry faster.

Higher Vacuum

Truck mounted steam cleaners in addition to higher pressure and higher heat also offer much higher vacuum levels. The obvious advantage to this is that the machines will attract much more water. For this reason, carpet cleaners who use this type of machine can often get dry times in as little as two hours. When you compare this to a portable machine with dry times in the 8 to 10 hour time frame, you see how important higher vacuum levels are.

Quicker Cleaning

Because truck mount machines are easier to set up and have less downtime during a job, your carpet cleaner will be able to clean your home or office much quicker. With portable machines, the operator will have to constantly fill in empty the machine. Truck mounts on the other hand, have large waste tanks and hook up directly to a water supply so once the carpet cleaner begins, he does not stop until he is through. A job that might take a portable carpet cleaner three hours to complete can be done in less than two with the truck mount.

Less Mess

One final advantage of this type of machine is that there is less mess because the carpet cleaner only has to bring into hoses into your home. With other systems, a large bulky machine is brought into the home. They are often noisy and smelly and spew humid air into your home. With truck mount, all of the machinery stays outside with just a pressure hose and a vacuum hose coming into your home.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, because of an emergency, lack of planning or just plain forgetfulness you find yourself in need of a carpet cleaning service the same day. Don’t panic, in most cases it can be done. But, do not let your emergency situation impact the results of your cleaning. There are still some things that you need to do to assure that you get the best results.

Choosing a carpet cleaner.

This is extremely important because no two companies are the same in this industry. Some carpet cleaners will do a good job, some will do a poor one and some are just looking to rip you off. Being in a rush can impact your decision making so take a few breaths and do some quick research. Luckily, the internet has made it easy for you to research companies in a hurry. Do a search for “your city” carpet cleaning and then make a quick list of the top five companies. Now, do another search for the company name and “reviews” or “complaints”. Mark off companies that have a lot of negative reviews. Now, call the companies that are left and see if they have appointments available for the same day. If they do, ask them a few questions before committing. Ask them how long they have been in business, if there is a guarantee, what is included in the price and make sure that they do not use subcontractors. Taking this little bit of extra time will pay great dividends in the overall results. After all, it would be better to not have a carpet cleaning at all than to have a poor one or worse yet, to get ripped off.

Preparing your home for cleaning.

Now that you have selected a carpet cleaner, you can not forget to prepare your home for your cleaning. You will want to move as much small furniture as you can off of the carpet and remove breakables from furniture that the carpet cleaner will be moving. If the company does not include vacuuming in the price, you should vacuum before their arrival because it is an important part of the process. Finally, if you have small children or pets make sure that you have a place where you can contain them during the cleaning process.