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Carpet Cleaning Swindon

Carpet Cleaning Swindon

Carpet Cleaning Swindon based services mean that getting your carpet cleaned need not be a chore. If truth be told, carpet cleaning should be fun if anything, especially when you get the right teams to execute the job. Our carpet cleaning team within the Swindon area are always a call away, ready to get rid of the messes left behind by your friends and so-called well-wishers from the night before. Engaging the carpet cleaning team in Swindon will ensure an efficient cleaning process, tidying up your messy carpets, keeping you wondering why you hadn’t thought about it sooner. We also provide services in Bristol.

Thanks to industry tested detailed cleaning procedures, you would be astonished at the results. Most of our customers genuinely believe that their carpets have been switched for newer carpets after our detailing process is over.

While many conversant with domestic carpet cleaning services Swindon may call us carpet cleaning magicians, we attribute our excellent track record to the exceptionally trained staff as well as the technological inputs which aid a fast and easier carpet cleaning process.

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Carpet cleaning in Swindon generally offers a range of services to guarantee that you get the best and the most cost-effective carpet cleaning solution for your business. At Euro Carpet Cleaning, we perform all types of carpet cleaning services, ranging from fast dry cleaning for office carpets to effective extraction cleaning for heavily soiled carpets and we guarantee you the best result.

We Offer The Best, Most Professional Carpet Cleaners Swindon UK Wide

Carpet cleaners Swindon UK wide have over the years gathered expert knowledge and skills which has ensured effective cleaning practices especially with regards the common carpet cleaning nightmares experienced in Swindon over the years. This experience and our technological detailing techniques put us in the best position to provide you with the best results when dealing with sensitive carpets, fine rugs as well as spots and stains. Carpets cleaners in Swindon are always happy to help & advise you, and we will always provide you with a friendly, polite and high-class service should you decide to give us call. You can also be certain that as Swindon carpet cleaners reviews online will show, we come highly recommended by most of our customer base as we take great pride in knowing that our customers feel that we are the go-to professionals with regards to carpet cleaners in all of Swindon.

Best Carpet Cleaners Swindon

Our Procedure For Commercial Carpet Cleaning Swindon, And Further Afield

Our commercial carpet cleaning Swindon teams are trained to the highest possible standards and are effectively monitored for control and quality assurance. With commercial carpets cleaning services in Swindon, it is important to note that our cleaning methods utilized differ completely from those initiated for non-commercial carpets, hence the need to categorize the types of cleaning services which we offer. For professionals and beyond, we utilize the most recent, state-of-the-art equipment. Therefore, your carpets can be dry enough to walk on within the hour, guaranteeing the least possible disruption to you, your staff and your customers.

The carpets in commercial properties can see a great deal of activity and high traffic areas such as the corridors and reception areas can look worn-out within very short periods of time. This, in turn, could affect visitors’ perceptions of your business, hence the need to keep your carpets clean always.

As professional carpet cleaners in Swindon, our years of commercial experience and qualified mastery implies that you are always guaranteed fast and efficient service, and our services can be provided on a one-off or on a regular contract basis – whatever suits you. Naturally, our work can be carried out within ‘out of hours’ if required, or during the business day, as we would rather not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach.

Most carpet cleaners in Swindon will professionally & skillfully clean your carpets and rugs to the highest standards. We, on the other hand, will sanitize them ensuring that you never have to worry about keeping your kids away from the carpets.

Best Carpet Cleaners Swindon
Best Carpet Cleaners Swindon

Carpet cleaning in Swindon is by no means an easy task, as the daily habits and pet choices of the people resident here leave very tough stains on carpets and other furniture. However, we take pride in knowing that we have been positioned by our customers as the leading professional carpet cleaning company in Swindon. Our cleaning system provides extraordinary results with minimum inconvenience to your office or home, plus all carpets are typically dry and may be used after being vigorously cleaned. We also use extraction cleaning for heavily soiled carpets and for stubborn stains or oil spills. We work from outside the building thereby minimizing disruption to your business or leisure time.

We Aim To Keep Our Standards High And Our Prices Competitive

Our professional carpet cleaners possess all the skills and expertise to provide high standard cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers across all of Swindon. No job is honestly too small or too big. Regardless of the size of your property, we can handle cleaning for all sizes of properties you require cleaning. We have undertaken numerous professional cleaning projects in the past and completed the job to the ultimate standards.

We are proud of the exceptional results we achieve in professional carpet cleaning Swindon wide, so much so that customers repeatedly utilize our brand whenever their carpet needs cleaning again, as well as a plethora of recommendations to friends and family.

Many people utilize our services simply to give their carpet a facelift or make the colors look brighter; patterns appear more clearly, and very frequently to eliminate unpleasant odors from their carpets. However, there are occasional calls for professional carpet cleaning in Swindon to clean carpets which may pose specific challenges to our teams, such as stains or dust mites. Whatever your reason is for contacting our professional carpet cleaners, we will tidy up your carpet to exacting standards, completely removing stains, grime, dust mites and odors with proficiency.

Most importantly, when you utilize our professional carpet cleaning services, you will be investing in the durability of your carpet while helping to maintain its unblemished condition for as long as possible. Great quality cleaning like ours, therefore, prolongs the look and life of your carpet, therefore ensuring our prices are both competitive and affordable.

Why use our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpet Cleaning Company Swindon

We are a team of fully trained and insured professional cleaners with many years of experience dedicated to providing comprehensive cleaning services for homes, flats, offices and much more. We treat every customer as an individual and provide custom-made cleaning services based on their needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for a regular cleaning or a one-off cleaning service, our professional carpet cleaning services can help.

Euro Carpet Cleaning Offers The Best In Swindon Wide And Beyond

Euro Carpet Cleaning is an established firm and we care about our customers. We offer a professional service for carpet cleaning Swindon wide and beyond, which will fit your budget and requirements, we also specialize in removing those difficult stains and our special quick-dry system guarantees that your carpets are ready to walk on, few hours after cleaning.

Euro Carpet Cleaning is known as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in town. We have the equipment and staffing to efficiently sanitize any ground-in dirt, marks or stains, leaving your carpet shining like new. At Euro Carpet Cleaning, we have had the pleasure of cleaning thousands of carpets over the years, therefore, with our unrivaled experience and the dedication of our highly trained professional staff, it’s no surprise that our reputation is so solid and unwavering.

Our dedicated team will look to ensure that you have the best quality service in the least distracting manner possible. If you’d like to find out more or would like to access our services, see our website at Here, you’ll find an online booking request form, which you can use to gain a free quote for our services and check our availability. Alternatively, call us – or there’s also an online contact form if you have any queries.

Nighttime Carpet Cleaning

Nighttime carpet cleaning is sometimes a necessity for certain situations. It is mainly used for commercial carpet cleaning. Residential nighttime carpet cleaning is frowned upon because the noise involved can be a disturbance to neighbors. For commercial applications however, this is often the only way to get a carpet cleaned. Most businesses can not afford to shut down during the daytime simply to have the carpet cleaned.Truck mounted steam cleaning for commercial night work.
Truck mounted steam cleaning is the preferred method of carpet cleaning. It removes the most soil and will get the carpet dry in a hurry. It is not always feasible however due to the constraints of truck mounted systems. Doors would have to be left open in order to run hoses into the building and in secure locations, this is not possible. The cleaning location must also be within a reasonable distance of the cleaning van. In general, this means no more than three stories up and no more than 200 yards away. If this method is possible however, it is the preferred way to go.Portable steam cleaning for commercial night work.
Portable carpet cleaning does not have the constraints of truck mounted carpet cleaning. It might not produce quite the same results but it is typically easier because the equipment is, as the name states, portable. No carpet is out of reach of these systems because the system will be brought to the carpet. Portable systems also allow for doors to remain locked during the cleaning. This is important in situations where security is an issue such as government buildings or banks.Portable dry cleaning for commercial night work.
One final possibility for nighttime cleaning of commercial applications is dry cleaning systems. Dry cleaning equipment is portable so it has all of the benefits of portable steam cleaning with the added benefit of quicker drying times. It does not remove as much soil as steam cleaning however so it is not recommended for heavily soiled carpets.

High Temperature Steam Carpet Cleaning Swindon

Steam cleaning is the best method of carpet cleaning, this is a given. When it comes to steam cleaning though not all carpet cleaners are the same. Some advertise themselves as steam cleaners but do not use systems capable of actually producing steam. Steam is reached at 212 degrees and to achieve this heat at the carpet, your cleaner will need to use a machine that heats water in excess of 230 degrees at the machine. Most machines on the market do not make this much heat, so if this is important to you, inquire with your carpet cleaner as to the capability of their machine. Here are some advantages of high temperature steam cleaning.

  • High heat increases the effectiveness of chemicals. The higher the heat, the more effective the cleaner is. For every 10 degrees of heat increase, the chemical becomes twice as active. Heat allows for carpet to get cleaner and also allows the carpet cleaner to use less chemical. This increases safety and reduces the residue left in the carpet.
  • High heat will power through greasy soil. High temperatures can literally burn through greasy stains. Oily and greasy stains represent a significant amount of the soil in a carpet. With high temperatures, a cleaner can power through these stains without the use of harsh solvents.
  • High heat reduces the drying time. Hot water evaporates faster, it is a simple fact. So, a carpet cleaned with high temperature steam will dry much faster. in some cases, you can get carpets dry in less than an hour with high temperatures without the use of drying fans.
  • High heat will help to sanitize. Bacteria can not stand up to heat. High temperatures are one method of sanitizing objects, so it stands to reason that high heat will help to sanitize a carpet.
  • High heat will clean faster. A carpet cleaner using a high temperature steam cleaning system will get your carpet clean faster. This is because their system is more effective. They do not have to make as many cleaning passes to get your carpet clean. This also means that they will be using less water which will get your carpet dry faster.

Empty House Carpet Cleaning

If you have an empty house, you have a golden opportunity for carpet cleaning. Whether it be that you are moving in or moving out of a new home, an empty house is perfect for carpet cleaning. Still, people often wait until after they have moved in to a home to clean the carpet. Here is why you should have your home cleaned when it is empty even if it costs you an extra half a day or day before you can move into your new home.

Empty House Cleaning Advantages.

  • You can reach all of the carpet.
    Some types of furniture can just not be moved and will be cleaned around if you move it into your home before the carpets are cleaned. Most carpet cleaners will not move things like dressers, china cabinets and electronics. Clean your carpet before you move and avoid this problem.
  • You can have the closets cleaned.
    Lets face it, as soon as you move into your home, those closets will be packed full and you will never be able to clean the carpet in them. Are you really going to move all of that stuff out when the carpet cleaners come? Probably not.
  • It will be cheaper.
    You can typically negotiate a discount for carpet cleaning when your house is empty. It is easier and quicker for a carpet cleaner to clean empty houses so they are often willing to negotiate a discount.
  • It will take less time.Because your house will have no furniture to move, they will be able to clean your home faster. This means less waiting around for you.
  • Your carpet will dry faster.
    With no furniture in the way to block air flow, your carpet will dry faster. If you are in a hurry to get moved in, do not think that it will take forever for your carpets to dry. Just make sure you provide ventilation and an unfurnished home will typically dry faster than a furnished one.

Do carpets get dirty quicker after a carpet cleaning?

The answer to that is yes and no. Carpets will get dirty quicker if the carpet was improperly cleaned. A proper cleaning will not cause your carpeting to re-soil any faster and will greatly extend the life of your carpets.

What is an improper cleaning?

One way carpet is improperly cleaned is by the use of carpet cleaning chemicals which are not approved for use on stain resistant carpeting. Cleaners with too high of a PH can strip the protector off of a carpet. Household detergents should never be used for carpet cleaning as they are too strong and are not designed to be easily rinsed.

Poor extraction can be another cause of rapid carpet re-soiling. If the cleaner is leaving too much moisture in the carpet, then they are not removing as much of their pre-spray. This can leave a residue on the carpeting which will attract soil. This is also a reason why rental units do not work very well. They do not have as powerful of a vacuum as professional units and leave quite a bit of moisture in the carpet.

Improper rinsing can also cause carpets to get dirty faster. This is another area where rental machines come up short. The pre-spray detergent used on carpet should be thoroughly rinsed either with plain water, an acid rinse or a detergent rinse designed to not leave a residue. Rental units extract with a carpet shampoo or detergent, leaving residue behind.

How do you insure a proper cleaning?

Ask your carpet cleaner questions. Find out if they have had proper training in carpet cleaning. Do they use chemicals designed for carpets? Are they certified? Do they guarantee their work?

If you must use a rental unit, make extra drying passes with the machine. Also spray your cleaning solution on separately and extract the carpet with plain water. Then get the carpet dry as soon as possible by using fans.

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Wine Carpet Cleaning in Swindon

Wine Cleaning a spot that just happened.
If you catch the wine stain immediately, quick action can save your carpet. Immediately get a stack of paper towels and blot the carpet. Now, get some club soda and moisten a clean paper towel or cotton spotting towel. Blot the red wine spot and repeat until no more of the wine transfers. Follow this by applying salt to the spot and patting it down. Allow it to dry and vacuum the salt out of the carpet.  If you act quick enough, you should be able to remove all of the wine.

Cleaning a spot that you missed.
In many cases, you will not be able to get to the stain right away or someone will spill wine on your carpet and neglect to tell you. In these cases, you need to get a little more aggressive with your cleaning. Mix up a solution of one tablespoon ammonia and one cup of water. Dab a cloth in the solution and blot the spot. Repeat this until no more of the stain transfers.

Professional cleaning of the wine spot.
If you have been unable to remove the spot yourself, you will need to turn to a professional. Professionals have cleaners that can handle just about any spot. One of the best stain removers for dealing with red wine is called Stain Magic. It is a heat activated product that is applied directly to the spot. A damp towel is then placed over the spot and the cleaner is activated with the heat of a steam iron.

Oxygen Carpet Cleaning

Have you heard about oxygen carpet cleaning? If so, you might be wondering about how this process works and what the benefits are. Well, keep reading and learn a little more about this method of clenaing and whether or not it is right for you and your carpet.What is oxygen carpet cleaning?

Oxygen carpet cleaning is not really a process all of its own. It is merely the use of a cleaning solution that releases oxygen. You can use this type of cleaner in just about every carpet cleaning method. This type of cleaner is most commonly used in steam cleaning or bonnet cleaning however.

What are the benefits of oxygen carpet cleaning?

The benefit is mainly in the brightening and disinfecting characteristics of oxygen. Oxygen tends to brighten fabrics so carpets cleaned with a chemical that releases it will appear brighter than those cleaned with another solution. Oxygen is also a terrific sanitizer and will help to disinfect your carpet. This is not to say that your carpet will be completely sanitized however, because it is not being cleaned in a lab. Every bit helps though and oxygen will improve the cleanliness and smell of your carpet.

Should I use a cleaner that uses oxygen?

Yes, oxygenated carpet cleaners are wonderful at cleaning heavily soiled carpets and leave them fresher and safer. They are generally more natural in nature and are a good alternative to chemical laden cleaners.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

The Host carpet cleaning process is quite different from most other carpet cleaning methods on the market. It has several advantages, as well as a few disadvantages. Keep reading and learn a little more about this unique carpet cleaning process.Host carpet cleaning, like most other forms of carpet cleaning, starts with dry soil removal with a thorough vacuuming. Dry soil removal is particularly important with this method however. After a thorough vacuuming, the cleaning technician will sprinkle a powder on the carpet. The powder is semi-moist and contains a detergents, some water and some solvent. They technician will then agitate the powder using a machine with counter rotating nylon brushes. The powder is then allowed to dry and is vacuumed out of the carpet. The theory behind the process is that the powder acts like millions of tiny sponges, wiping your carpet clean.

The Host process has several advantages over other cleaning methods. For starters, it leaves the carpet very dry. You can typically use the carpet in just minutes after a cleaning. It has also been shown to reduce the amount of dust mites in a carpet dramatically. Host is very proud of this fact and it is on quite a bit of there literature. Finally, this process has the benefit of being able to safely clean some materials such as Sisal which are easily damaged by water.

Unfortunately, this process also has a number of disadvantages. The biggest one is the lack of a thorough rinse step. This limits the amount of soil that can be removed with cleaning.  This makes it a poor choice for heavily soiled carpets. With this process, the powder can also be difficult to thoroughly remove. You will be finding the powder in your carpet for weeks or months after a cleaning. Finally, this process, because of the lack of water, depends on solvents quite a bit. The odor from the cleaner can be a little offensive to some customers.

Because of the advantages and disadvantages of this product, it makes an excellent commercial cleaning process. It is perfect for places like airports and hotels that are cleaned often and can not handle carpet down time. It is a poor choice overall for residential applications because of the low soil removal capabilities.

Cleaning Tactesse Carpet

Tactesse is a type of carpet made by Stainmaster. It has a unique soft feel due to the use of thinner filaments to make up the individual carpet fibers. It is not a cheap carpet, but those who own it will tell you that it is well worth the cost. So how do you clean a Tactesse carpet successfully? Read on.The best way to clean this type of carpet, or any carpet for that matter, is to use a truck mounted steam cleaning system. These machines are able to produce high water temperature and vacuum power. This allows them to get your carpet cleaner and drier. Truck mounted machines are not available for consumers to rent however so you will have to turn to a professional carpet cleaner in your city. Here are the steps that your cleaner should use.

Step 1: The cleaning of your Tactesse carpet should begin with a thorough pre-vacuuming. This will remove dry soil before it gets wet. Dry soil is much easier to remove than wet and sticky soil.Your cleaner should take their time with this step to remove as much soil as possible.

Step 2: Next, your carpet cleaner should pre-treat the carpet with a cleaner designed to break down and emulsify soil. This is a crucial step because cleaners need time to work. They should spray the pre-treatment in the area to be cleaned and allow it to dwell for several minutes.

Step 3: After allowing the pre-treatment to dwell, your Tactesse carpet will be rinsed with high temperature water using a truck mounted cleaning machine. The carpet cleaner can use plain water, an acid rinse or a soap free rinse aid.

Step 4: To remove any stains that did not come out with a basic cleaning, your carpet cleaner will now spot clean your carpet. Some stains will require the use of specialized cleaners such as solvents or dye removers. Your cleaner should take the time to properly clean these spots.

Step 5: Finally, your cleaner should take steps to get the carpet dry. This can involve using drying fans or simply using the tools available in your home. Ceiling ans should be turned on and on nice days, windows should be opened to remove humidity. In bad weather, you should be instructed on how to use your homes HVAC system to decrease the drying time.

Carpet Seam Repair

When your carpet is installed it is pieced together from several pieces of carpet. Your installers will use seam tape to attach the carpet, making it appear lie one large piece. For a variety of different reasons, these seams may become detached and might require a repair. Here is information on seam repair on carpet.

What causes seam damage?

First, let’s look at what causes a seam to become damaged. The most common reason for a seam to come apart is wear. Over time, with traffic, the glue holding the seam together will break down. When this happens, your carpet will start to separate. Another common cause of seam damage is water. If a carpet is flooded or repeatedly overwetted from improper cleaning, the seam paper can break down and the glue can loosen. This will cause it to separate. Finally, you might simply need a seam repaired because the seam has been cut to allow for access under the carpet.

How are seams repaired?

Repairing a seam is a fairly simple task but it does require some experience. Anyone can attach one piece of carpet to another, but getting it to stick and getting it to look like one piece of carpet is not always easy. This is particularly true with carpets like Berber where the continuous loop can be a challenge.

To repair a seam, your repair technician will first bring the two pieces of carpet together. This may require the use of a carpet stretcher, depending on the area being seamed. They will then place a piece of seam tape under the carpet and equally space it between the two pieces. A carpet seaming iron is then used to heat the glue. When it reaches the right temperature, the carpet is brought together and pressed down into the tape. A weight is generally then applied to the seam to keep pressure on it while the glue cools.  Once allowed to cool, the seam is ready and the carpet can be put back to use.

Carpet Seaming Tips

  • If you are attempting the repair yourself, practice on a scrap piece of carpet first.
  • You can normally rent seaming irons at your local home improvement store.
  • If your seam is only slightly loosening, you may be able to use a glue gun to reattach the existing seam tape.
  • Carpet glue, once heated with the iron,  is very hot and can easily burn you.
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