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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

We have extensive experience with the professional carpet cleaning, we are sure that can provide you with excellent services without paying the high price. Our company has been established in 2011 in Wiltshire. Now we are proud to cover Swindon.

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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

If you are moving house, whether you’ve sold your house or you lease is up and need your home looking spotless to either get your bond back or you simply just want it looking it’s best for the new owners. As with everything we do our service is absolutely guaranteed.

Commercial / Retail Carpet Cleaning

We can clean your business carpets and the experts will work when no one is in the office to assure that you will not have to deal with any issue. They work quickly which means that your time will not be wasted.

Euro Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Oxford

We have extensive experience with the professional carpet cleaning, we are sure that can provide you with excellent services without paying the high price. Our company has been established in 2011 in Wiltshire. Now we are proud to cover Swindon, Bristol, Cirencester, Chippenham and all surrounding areas. We are sure what we are doing, that’s why we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our services for domestic or commercial carpet washing and stain removal. Check our friend for Car Valet Swindon


We know how to treat every different type of carpets, also all sort of stains. It’s a well-known fact that you can rent some semi-professional carpet cleaning machine, but if you are not sure what you are doing – you can damage your carpets. It that case is much better to leave it to the professional carpet cleaners like us.

  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning
  • Blinds and curtains cleaning
  • Chair and settee cleaning
  • Leather and upholstered sofa cleaning
  • 24/7 contact through our website or over the phone
  • Free quotes and Quick response times
  • Weekend appointments
  • Best quality-to-price ratio
  • Fully vetted technicians

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You can call us 24/7 if you need carpet cleaning services. Try us. Why not look for professional carpet cleaners Swindon? It could also be beneficial to your health, you won’t be breathing in all those dirty, dust mites any longer? Get your carpet professionally vacuumed!

Trusted carpet cleaners in Swindon, Oxford, Cheltenham, and Bristol

Carpet Cleaning Company Bristol

I hope you’ll take this step to a healthier, and better-looking home. I know you’ll love not being ashamed of the condition of your carpet. People will notice how clean your home is, and you’ll love smelling the air, so Book now your appointment.

Choose Euro Carpet Cleaning when you’re looking for qualified, experienced cleaners. Our modern equipment gives great results on any sort of carpets or upholstery. Benefit from professional carpet cleaning, be confident of getting a fully insured service, make enquiries or bookings any time of the day or night, and arrange your service for a time and day that suits you. Recommended from our friend Car 4 Valet

Carpet Cleaning SwindonWe have built our reputation on our unrivalled know-how and years of experience serving thousands of customers. We strive to provide a high-quality service at affordable rates and helping our customers in every aspect.

Just vacuuming your carpet does not always achieve the desired effect- namely restoring its clean and fresh appearance. But there is no need to be frustrated about it. A professional solution is around the corner. Our deep carpet cleaning services remove even the toughest stains from your carpets, rugs and any cleanable surface in no time. Our team is able to achieve results unmatched by normal cleaning methods. Our employees will inspect the problem areas and choose the best possible solution for your case.

Our deep carpet cleaning services will allow for the extraction of grease and dirt from the very bottom of the carpet, removing stubborn stains and any bacteria and mould. We use only reputable, environmentally-safe cleaning solutions, proven for their efficiency and lasting effect.

Our Services:
If you choose your carpets to be cleaned from Euro Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to offer a great variety of cleaning services :

You name it, we clean it. Our excellent services are designed to suit every requirement you have and ensure 100% satisfaction. We have taken into consideration our customers’ tight schedules and operate on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day basis. As any professional will do, we fully guarantee our services. In the unlikely event of a customer being less satisfied, we are going to repeat the process free of charge.

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You can call us 24/7 if you need carpet cleaning services. Try us

At Euro Carpet Cleaning we provide an expert and thorough home cleaning services. We have expanded over the years rapidly, carefully building our brand image and growing our extensive customer base. As one of the best cleaning companies, we aim at delivering our finest cleaning services in South West England.

We are dedicated to achieving great results. This means that we have to be prepared for every situation. In order to do this, we utilise all carpet cleaning methods. The professionals working with Euro Carpet Cleaning are experienced with different kinds of stains and fabrics and know exactly which procedure to use.

We use both dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning methods. So when you’re looking for cleaning for anything from oriental rugs to office carpets give us a call. Find out more about the benefits we’ve brought to past customers by reading their feedback on our reviews page.

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Carpet Cleaning BristolIt couldn’t be easier to book your carpet cleaning service  Swindon and Bristol. Call us, 24/7 on 07707 271 771 – you’ll get straight through to our customer care team, whatever time of day or night you call. When you have questions, just ask! Request your free quote and book your carpet cleaning all in one call. It’ll only take a few minutes. You may also choose to contact us by filling in our easy booking form or by using our live chat.

When you’ll like us to call you, use our contact form to tell us a little about the service you’re looking for and to indicate when you’d like us to call. Finally, we also have an online chat facility. Use this to ask a quick question, make a quote request or to set up an appointment time.

The professional carpet cleaning companies have all the right technology to do a good job. This is equipment that’s very expensive, or widely unavailable. They can get it because they spare no expense when it comes to their job. We don’t have the money to buy some of the unbelievable pieces of equipment these people have. Check our prices. The amazing pieces of the cleaning technology do a much better job at picking up what’s left in our carpet then our vacuum ever could.

When we vacuum, we’re only cleaning the surface. There’s a whole area underneath were the dirt us hiding. The suction on our simple vacuums isn’t powerful enough to take care of it. That’s why we need professionals. They also know the exact brand of cleaner to use, this is because they have the job of cleaning someone’s carpet every day. With all that practice, it’s no wonder they’re so good at it.

Why not look for professional carpet cleaners Swindon? I know if you do your research you’ll find one that’s perfect for you. It’s not something you have to have done every week. It sure does make things a lot cleaner when you have it done monthly though. It could also be beneficial to your health, you won’t be breathing in all those dirty, dust mites any longer? Get your carpet professionally vacuumed!

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I hope you’ll take this step to a healthier, and better-looking home. I know you’ll love not being ashamed of the condition of your carpet. People will notice how clean your home is, and you’ll love smelling the air.

Carpet cleaning company

Top-of-the-line equipment makes for quick and efficient cleaning, which helps us to keep our prices down. Regular maintenance of that equipment ensures that cleaning is both gentle and effective. Our choice of top quality detergents means that we can tackle any kind of stain and that our cleaning won’t leave any residue behind. This is more important than many people realise.

Detergent residue will leave carpets with an unpleasant texture and can allow fresh dust, dirt or grime to stick to the fibres of the carpet, dulling colours and meaning that the carpet will get dirty more quickly in the future.


Euro Carpet Cleaning is a well-established company that provides a wide range of carpet cleaning services. We are an excellently managed company, which always strives to evolve and constantly seeks the total satisfaction of its customers. You can expect exceptional carpet cleaning services Swindon and Bristol, as all of our teams are comprised of highly-qualified and experienced employees, who are ready to solve all of your problems, using the latest technology and safest cleaning solutions in the trade. Moreover, our experience coupled with lean organizational structure, allows us to offer you top quality services at competitive prices without compromising the overall performance.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning in SwindonOur cleaning solutions have a worldwide reputation for quality and safety. That is why we can guarantee that your carpets will be treated with the best possible cleaning materials on the market. Moreover, your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned, protected, and their life will be extended. Our procedures are methodical, which allows for the best results to be achieved. Our carpet cleaners will vacuum- clean your carpets first, thus removing any hairs or debris. Then using various techniques will make sure that any dirt or bacteria (especially dust mites, which are particularly harmful to people with asthma conditions) are extracted.

Carpet Cleaning Swindon and Bristol We implement a rigorous background check of all cleaners, so we can be assured that our customers are in safe hands. Furthermore, all team members are trained to work with state of the art equipment and are fully insured. If that is not enough, you can review our testimonial pages and see for yourself how our past customers feel about our company. You can also check our pricing table.

Our reputation is built over the years, as our prime motivation is to deliver outstanding service and living up to our clients’ expectations. Whether you require regular maintenance, seasonal services, or just one-off visit from our team- we are always ready to help you. We operate in Swindon, Oxford, Cheltenham and Bristol and the surrounding area as well as in South West England, offering remarkable services at reasonable prices.

Contact us today on 07707 271 771 or use our request a service form to arrange an appointment. You can call our office 24/7. As a market leader, we are capable of delivering a wide range of carpet cleaning solutions. We will be glad if you are next in line to be left completely satisfied with us. So do not hesitate to call today.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Results

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Choose Euro Carpet Cleaning and receive spotless results at affordable rates. Call us on 07707 271 771 and get your free quote today!

Euro Carpet Cleaning Services and Benefits

We’ve concentrated on getting the basics right and putting them together into a package that works for our customers. That is why we can offer you professional carpet cleaning for your home or office, and expert rug cleaning as well. We believe that in order for our customers to be happy we have to meet their requirements. During the years we’ve grown our expertise and now we can offer you cleaning for your entire home. In addition to carpet and rug cleaning, you can book us for expert upholstery, curtain or mattress cleaning. The technicians working for Euro Carpet Cleaning have years of experience in cleaning all of the above mentioned.

We from Euro Carpet Cleaning are proud to offer also commercial cleaning for all kinds of businesses. We can provide expert cleaning services for hotels, restaurants, business buildings and offices.

Our carpet cleaning services

  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction cleaning